Vintage Chair Restoration

Vintage Chair RestorationWhen you have an item that has been in the family for a long time it’s hard to let go, especially when it is the only thing that a person has that belonged to their grandparents. This Vintage Chair was fully restored. The welding marks were reinforced and the owner was extremely happy with the end result as the Vintage Chair will now remain in their family for years to come.

old vintage chairAs you can see there were some large holes in it. Virtually every bolt holding it together was rusted and the holes were rusted out as well. Where the seat and back joined together it was almost totally rusted and it certainly was not safe to sit in. We fabricated plates for all the holes and welded on the inside and outside. We fabricated new metal for the area where the seat and back joined. It is like a new chair but still has the original properties of an old antique fully restored.