Security Products

Security pedestals and hoods are made from steel or aluminum and can be custom made to any specification. Pedestals and hoods can be used for access and control or gates, parking areas and doors. The hoods could be used separately and mounted on a post or wall for controlled access to doors. We use 1/8 inch aluminum for all face plates on hoods so they will not rust. All security products are made using USA steel and products. Most of our products are custom designed to fit your application needs. We use a local plastics company to design and build custom plastic enclosures when the project requires a plastic enclosure. Our camera poles are 12ft – 16ft tall and have access panels at the top and bottom. We only powder coat our security products for a strong and long lasting finish. Call us for your security application needs and let us design and fabricate your custom hood, pedestal, pole or camera bracket.

Powder Coated Curved Steel Pedestal and Hood
(Also comes right angle)

Security Pedestal Security Pedestal

Magnetic Card Reader Drop Box (left)
Steel Hood with Camera and Intercom (right)
Magnetic Card Reader Box

Custom Console and Hood
cons100s - Custom Console

hood300s - Custom Hood